A new study shows us why Social Media is becoming more & more important to brands, both big & small. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, about 90% of Customers will recommend a brand based on interactions on Social Media. 90% is a huge number when you look at how many of your customers are on Twitter, Facebook, or any other Social Media outlet. How is your brand interacting on Twitter? If you’re just making posts to make posts, you’re wasting your time. Period.

When it comes to Social Media, we like to think of it as another avenue for Grass Roots Marketing. Your content needs to be not only relevant, but interesting enough to start interactions and get people talking about you. It’s not all about followers and likes anymore.

By making people love, not just like your brand, you’re more likely to drive future purchases and increase sales.
Read more: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2013/07/04/iab-study-finds-90-consumers-back-brands-after-interacting-social-media#ixzz2Yl6vup4c